> 50 MB Disk Space

> 100 MB Disk Space
This amount of web space is sufficient if your website will consist of not more than 200 Pages and can  
   accommodate a big photo gallery, a few databases and even an online shop.
> 500 MB Internet Traffic /
5000 MB US Traffic
Each time someone views your website, the web server logs some internet traffic. Traffic is also logged 
   when you send and receive emails with an email address that is linked to your domain.
   You should have no trouble staying within your traffic boundaries, as the amount of traffic allocated is
   quite liberal.


> UNLIMITED POP mailboxes

   What good is a domain name without e-mail accounts?

   Register and use as many POP mailboxes as you need – there’s no limits. You could give each one of

   your employees or departments their own e-mail account. ( eg. sales@yourdomain.com )

   These are not just aliases, they are actual POP mail accounts, each with its own password, forwarding,

   and Auto responders.


> FREE Web4Me Control Panel

   With this great tool, you have complete and absolute control over your domain and website.

   It allows you to set up new email accounts in seconds, change passwords, set folder permissions,

   view comprehensive website statistics and lots, lots more.


> FREE Fax2Mail Account

   As a registered Fax2Mail user, you will be allocated a unique fax number (eg. 086 653 8765 ) that you

   could use to receive incoming faxes sent from any fax machine in the world as email on your computer.


> FREE Setup

   There are certain things that need to be set up in just the right way in order for your domain or website

   to be visible to the world. We will not charge you for this initial setup.


> FREE Technical Support

   This is where many web hosting companies fail. We vow to change your perceptions on technical

   support for ever. There will always be a technical support agent on duty for telephone support

   from 8am – 8pm.

   During business hours, you can use MSN Messenger to chat to the technical support agent live!

   You can also contact us on SKYPE and chat to us over the internet.


> FREE SPAM & Virus Filter

   Any mail passing through our servers and that is sent to you, will first be scanned for known threats

   such as SPAM ( unsolicited ) e-mail and virusses.



   Another area where many web hosting companies lack.

   What good is a website if it cannot accommodate advanced features like booking systems, feedback

   forms, data search etc? Our server is set up to handle any application written is PHP, SQL, ASP,

   ASP.Net and many other programming languages.


>MS Frontpage Extensions

  When your website is designed in Microsoft Frontpage, it cannot be published to the internet without

  certain extensions loaded on the internet server. You can set up these extensions on our server

  through your Web4Me control panel.





Choose this package if you have a mega business that will require sending many         e-mails and if you require more than 4 databases for your website and will have many
advanced features on your website.