Web 4 Me
                                                               The vision of this company is very simply to enable the average person with the
                                                               average business ( or corporation ) to obtain what they need most in our times -                                                               and that is INTERNET PRESENCE.

                                                               You can hardly watch 2 minutes of Television today without someone mentioning
                                                                the term "website" or "e-mail". These are the times that we are living in and if you
                                                                do not have a website for your business........well you're at the back of the race!

Our TECHNICAL SUPPORT team have extensive experience in web hosting and all the challenges and adventures that come with the territory.

Our mission is to "Change Perceptions". Domain Registrations, URL's, PHP, Java, HTML,  Web Hosting ............. It all sound pretty daunting. How is the average person that is not a techno whizz suppose to know where to start?
We want to show everyone that it IS NOT a difficult task to obtain your own website and let that website take your business to the next level. We will gladly share our expertise with anyone that needs it.

It's as easy as contacting Web 4 Me - you just sit back and watch the magic happen!